Price Page

Here at Skipper Art  – we practice the old addage – K.I.S.S.  Or  Keep It Simple Skipper! Below you will find a guide to our prices for Traditional Caricature events/parties. prices for Portraits and prices for Commissioned Art work. 

Traditional Caricatures - Parties and Special Events (Most Popular Service)

Traditional Caricatures

Skip’s Tips :  I can draw 18-20 caricatures an hour black and white, head to shoulders.   If you have a large party, you will want to plan accordingly.  If you decide to go color and/or full body caricatures, I can draw 12-15 caricatures an hour. 

Color Accent is when I draw  black & white and add a splash of color in the background. 

Portraits in Graphite - GrayTones, No Color
Portrait Drawing
Subjects 8.5 x 11 11 x 14 14 x 17
1 $145 $185 $215
2 $215 $260 $310
3 N/A $330 $380
4 N/A $395 $460
5 N/A N/A $530
6 N/A N/A $600

Truly hand drawn artwork can be rare and beautiful.  In this day and age of digital technology and go-go-go, it is nice to own a piece of art that can be celebrated and passed down as an heirloom.

Skip’s Tip: When submitting an image(s) it is important that the image be clean so I can see every detail.  All artwork i 100% guaranteed, you only pay if completely satisfied. 

Commission Art - AKA Specialty Caricatures
Conan O'Brien Caricature

Specialty Caricatures fall under my commission category.  They are like glorified caricatures complete with details that you provide making is a super personal, cool piece of art. 

Skip’s Tip: Just like a portrait – it is important to provide clean image(s) with detail so I can recreate the best caricature for you!