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Getting a custom caricature is a great way to show someone you love them and the memories that you have shared together. They will love a fun piece of art showing off your style and adventures with hand-drawn creativity that will be unique and personal. I will turn your photos into unbelievable works of art that are funny, joyful, and gorgeous. Thrilled satisfaction guaranteed.

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Commissioned or Custom Art

Caricatures from photos are a much more careful and detailed approach than in-person “live” party caricatures. Caricatures at events are quick and we only get one take… while caricatures from photos are a slower more careful process to get it “just right”!

   5 Step Process   


Submit your info, photos. The more the better! It is a good photo if I can see the whites in the eyes. Group photos can lack the details I am looking for. 


I'll do the head sketches & send for your approval. This is a preliminary stage and it might look like a 4 year old drew it- but we want to be on the same page!


Bodies, background, and color added (as applicable)


Final work with watermark emailed for your approval.


Send payment, files emailed to you for use in any format.  Original art will be dropped off, picked up or mailed. 



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